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Childhood Enrichment Center

"Providing a safe, fun, and caring child-centered environment."


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Kids of Mount Sinai is a locally owned and operated, NYS licensed, childhood enrichment center offering programs for children 6 weeks through 12 years of age. With an 8000sq.ft. facility and 10 acres of playgrounds, fields, and sports courts, we are able to provide individual classroom and activity areas for all ages and levels of development.


Whether it's Preschool or Toddler, Infant Care, School-Age Before/After Care, Vacation Camps, or our exciting Summer Camp we are committed to providing personal attentive care to your child throughout their childhood years. Our dedication to children is represented by over a decade of education and care to the children of our local Long Island community. We are pleased to be able to offer what we are confident is the finest childhood enrichment program available.


It is our belief that children learn through experience and play. Life skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, cooperation, and many others, can be learned through play. We provide children with a wide array of age appropriate choices to master these skills without judgment of success or failure. This affords the individual child the opportunity to experiment and find what feels right and works best for them. Providing children with the opportunity to make choices also motivates them to learn and allows for more peer interaction, cooperative learning, and social skill development.


Kids of Mount Sinai is centered on the fact that children need to learn at their own pace and should be active participants in assuming responsibility for learning and in making their own choices, within limits. Independence is encouraged in this environment and is a critical step in each child's development.


Locally Owned and Operated!

​In our safe, fun and caring child centered environment children will enjoy greater self-esteem as they develop their intellectual, social, physical and emotional abilities. Most importantly of all, they will find themselves smiling freely as they feel increasingly confident and secure about themselves.

Our Staff

Kids of Mount Sinai school programs are administered by an outstanding staff of teachers who are supported by mature childcare professionals. All staff are chosen for their high-energy, love for children, and concern for the safety and well being of each and every individual child. Our teachers receive ongoing training throughout the school year in childhood development, safety, and first aid. All staff are background and referenced checked.

Please review our website, give us a call with any questions, and feel free to stop by for a tour. We're here for you and look forward to welcoming you into the Kids of Mount Sinai Family!

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